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Massage Services

Making a selection from the menu is made to be easy. Swedish and Deep Tissue Massages are the foundation. The skill and techniques of your therapist are what make each session unique. By outlining the basics, we leave room to express intuitive and therapeutic touch by incorporating expertise in numerous modalities.

Swedish Massage

Uses light to medium pressure, combined with long connective strokes. Promoting relaxation, increased circulation and reduced stress and tension.


 60  minute Swedish - $110

 90  minute Swedish - $130

120 minute Swedish - $220


Deep Tissue Massage

Uses medium to deep pressure to focus on relieving specific areas of concern and targets the deeper layers of tissue.


 60  minute Deep Tissue - $130

 90  minute Deep Tissue - $150

120 minute Deep Tissue - $260

Thai/Shaitsu Massage

Uses principles from both Thai and Shiatsu modalities. It combines stretching and finger pressure to release block energy (Chi). The session takes place on a Thai mat and requires loose fitting clothing.

90 minute Thai Massage -$175

Prenatal Massage

Uses light to medium pressure to soothe the mind and body of mothers to be. Focusing on areas of concern and being mindful of the changes happening during each stage of pregnancy. Bolsters, pillows and pregnancy cushions are used to provide the most comfortable experience.

90 minute Prenatal Massage - $140


Argan oil $15

Arnica Relief - $10

15 minute Hot Stone $25

15 minute Exfoliation - $25

*All massages include, Jojoba lotion, aromatherapy, hot towels and are customized by integrating over 20 different modalities. Stretching, Reflexology, Cranial Sacral, Injury, Trigger Point etc...

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