Massage Etiquette

Pre Massage

Before arriving to your service it is customary to have showered. Showering is not only to assure good hygiene, it also warms the muscles making them easier to manipulate. As well as to help eliminate lotions, perfumes and colognes which may interfere with the lotion or oils used during your service.



During you massage, feel free to notify your therapist of your preferences, more pressure, less pressure, quieter music and hotter or colder temperature adjustments. Your comfort is the most important thing and your therapist is there for you.



Is the technique massage therapists use to keep you covered while you are receiving a massage. Draping allows you to be totally nude under the sheet or towel and still feel safe, warm and unexposed. Feeling comfortable and relaxed is the ultimate goal. So whether you choose to be nude or prefer to keep your undergarments on, your therapist will always respect your boundaries.


Arrival Time

We recommend you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. This allows you time to fill out a client intake form, use the restroom, change and calm your mind and body before starting your service.


Cancellation Policy

Scheduled treatments are reserved especially for you. We require a 24-hour advance notice in order to cancel any service with no charge. If your appointment is not cancelled within this notification period, your appointment is considered confirmed. Any changes or cancellations made after the 24-hour window are subject to a charge for each service. Because of this policy, a valid credit card number is required at time of booking. This policy also applies to gift cards and certificate holders.


Late Arrival

All massage appointments have been designed to allow appropriate time for full enjoyment of each service. Your late arrival may limit our ability to offer the fullest possible experience. Please be aware that late arrivals will not be afforded extension of scheduled treatments. Treatments will be rendered only for the remainder of the scheduled appointment and you will be responsible for payment of the full service.


Health Conditions

Please advise us at the time of booking of any health conditions, allergies, injuries or special needs which may affect your services.



Cash, credit cards and Venmo payments are accepted.


Gift cards and promotional discounts must be mentioned at time of booking.



Our listed rates do not include gratuity. Gratuity is not expected, but is greatly appreciated.