Out-call Massage


Protocol for Out-calls 


Out calls are by referral only. In order to book an out-call massage you will have to be directly referred by an existing client. 


Out-call massages are performed in the same manner as a spa service. The only difference is, your service is enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.


The same spa policies apply for out-call services. Please refer to Policies for further reference.


Prepare for your service:


- Every new client must complete a client intake form before their service. 

- Be aware therapist arrival time is 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Therfore,  in order allowing time for setup and consult.

- You will be called or text to notify you we are on our way.

- Please pick a quiet and large enough room to fit a massage table, along with extra space for your therapist to move around the table freely. 

- All the essentials necessary for your treatment and comfort will be provided.

  * Including: a massage table, sheets, blanket, lotion, aromatherapy, music, hot packs and hot towels.

- The only request is for the use of your microwave to heat the hot packs and hot towels.

- Other than that, relax and enjoy!


Out-call fee


$50 - Within a 15 mile radius of downtown Austin, TX