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just a note to thank you for keeping' me limber these past 5 years. 
the fact that i drive 75 miles (one way) to get a massage should tell the tale!
your work is the best, and i have been to who was considered to be the best!
i have been going to 10,000 waves (japanese health spa, voted one of the top ten health spas by conde nast) outside of santa fe for 25 years and was pretty sure they were as good as it gets.
your professionalism and ability to read the client's needs and apply your knowledge is what it is all about - and you do that very well.
massage is  much more important to overall health than people think. i believe that thinking is changing. 
glad you are keeping ahead of the curve regarding that.
thanks much,
(see you in a few days)




I have been having massages from Kerrie for several years now. I see her because there is none like her. The moment I lie down on the massage table, I feel better. The environment is peaceful, it's like taking a vacation from the everyday life. Kerrie is able to use deep pressure on the areas that I need the most and light pressure on other areas. She is able to get the knots out. As a Cancer Survivor Kerrie is sensitive to her clients needs and I appreciate her good work. Anyone who uses her services will never be disappointed. 

The only problem I have writing this review is once you have tried her services you will book her ALL the time and that may keep me from getting my appointment!  LOL. 






Review (5 stars)

I've been using Kerrie for several years to help me through a variety of sports-related and general wellness issues. She is by far the best massage therapist I've encountered, not just in Austin, but also when compared to the best therapists in top spas throughout the world. Her deep experience working at leading spas and with her own practice is obvious, as she has an uncanny ability to focus on exactly the right areas that may be causing pain and discomfort. And used regularly, her wellbliss practice will keep you feeling relaxed and stress-free on an ongoing basis.


CEO Austin, TX based company

I have received a weekly massage since 1997 when I first decided to become serious about running.  Over the years I have sustained just about every conceivable injury possible while running or biking. I have also over my career had weeks and months where work seemed all consuming. I have had massages all over the United States and in Europe.  I have been a client in big spas, health clubs, and small spas.  

  I will simply say that Kerrie is the best therapist I have ever encountered.  I have now been a client for over 5 years.  Every single person I have recommended to Kerrie calls me immediately with expressions like "unbelievable, fantastic, best massage I have ever received."  
    The secret is in the hands - combined with a wonderful caring spirit, superior knowledge of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems and quite simply you have the ingredients of a great session. 
    The second key - she never rushes.  This is not the standard two minutes in this muscle group, three minutes here.  Instead it is probing the areas of need and staying there until pain or tightness is relieved. 
    I don't do endorsements, but here, I will make an exception.  Kerrie is a wonderful, complete professional therapist with the highest ethical and professional standards.  Without reservations, I recommend her to you.  


Kerrie is an extraordinary massage therapist.  She amazes me every time when she is able to detect the trouble spots without me actually telling her.  Her ability to provide the right massage for you is incredible, she has a gift.  I run marathons and massage is essential.  I have received treatments from her for the last 3 years and my preparation and recovery has never been better.  She knows the areas to focus on that will help me perform or recover depending on where I am in my cycle.  The experience with her is always relaxing and peaceful.  If anyone is looking for massage as a component to their training plan….you must get time with Kerrie.  




Worth every penny!!!


I've traveled a lot of places to receive a massage, but none quite as detailed and professional as with wellbliss massage. Kerrie has a special talent and she cares deaply for all her clients, and that is reflected in her attention to detail. I leave her place feeling so much better than before arriving. Don't be fooled by others in the business she's the real deal.!! I'm proud to say I've have been a faithful client for many years and plan for many more. I make it a point to always see Kerrie at well bliss when I come to Austin. I think you will be pleasantly surprised!!!


David A

Healing Massage


Kerrie is an incredible therapist. I've had many a massages and treatments and Kerrie has a rare talent of connecting with your body and assessing what your body and energy needs.


Deborah R

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